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We are three traders based in the city of New York. We’ve all spent over 6 years processing and progressing how we can shift trading into our full time profession. From trade-firm to trade-firm learning the high performing principles and strategies that give an edge to achieve consistent success.

We all started this journey to achieve freedom, wealth, establishment, creating and building the best version of ourselves to be able to create a lifestyle that tailors to each of our life visions. Which now has become an everlong mission to share our trading journey, and hands-on experience every step of the way.

We’ve seen many other platforms that were servicing an unrealistic approach towards trading in the markets, giving unfaithful promises, poor foundation of education, get-rich-quick strategy gimmicks, all for their own benefit. That’s when we came together to build a solution creating a roadmap of guidance into developing the proper mindset of approach to learn high level principles, that save you stress, accounts blown. Building yourself a sufficient edge and trading system in all market environments to help others harness their full potential and turn their dream visions into reality.

Onlybullish has spent thousands of hours educating, speaking, and personally coaching others on what it takes to become a consistent high performing full-time trader.

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What we’ve managed to accomplish in all our years of trading, teaching over 500 satisfied members is our biggest accomplishment.


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